Tuesday, December 3, 2019

November News

News from Westminster Volunteer Fire and Rescue

The Westminster Fire & Rescue Department holds their monthly meetings at 7:00 PM on the 1st Tuesday of every month and a combined drill on the 3rd Tuesday of every month. Rescue training is the 2nd Tuesday of the month. Next association meeting December 3rd at 7:00 PM

The Prudential Committee normally meets twice a month. A warning will be posted 48 hours prior to each meeting.
  • Number of calls in October: 41
  • Number of calls through November 29th: 44
  • Number of calls calendar year to Date: 397
  • Number of calls fiscal year to date: 199
Association Meeting: The Westminster Fire and Rescue Association met for their regular meeting November 5th with President Greg Holton presiding. There were 22 members present and 5 members excused.

Extension cord safety:
Extension cords are meant for temporary use only. Overloading an extension cord or leaving one connected for too long could cause them to overheat and start a fire. Be sure the cords have 3 prongs.

Christmas Trees: Be sure to keep your Christmas tree watered so it won’t become dry and be a fire hazard. Always keep the tree away from open fires and heating appliances.

Lifeline: The holidays are upon us and it is a time when many people travel. If you have a Lifeline or a Lifeline type system in your home, it is a good idea to contact the provider to let them know if you are going to be away from home. There should be a telephone number listed for contacting them. If there is an accidental trip of the alarm, the provider will know if the residence is unoccupied or not. This will save the responding agencies from going out for a false alarm.

Luminaries: The Fire House will be made available again this year for the annual Christmas Eve luminary display preparations. Many local volunteers gather at the Fire House to put the sand and candles in bags. The afternoon of December 24th volunteers will set them out in the village on Rt. 5, Grout Ave. and School St. Hopefully the weather will cooperate this year. The display attracts the attention of many people both locally and out of town. A huge thanks in advance goes out those who are involved with the set up and clean up. This is a very special occasion for Westminster that many look forward to.

Stacking wood: When stacking wood outside, covering the top of the pile is a good thing to do, but never cover the sides. The wood may go bad before it gets dry from lack of air.

Bob Hass memorial: Sunday November 20th close to 200 people gathered at the fire house to honor the memory of Bob Hass, a past member of the fire department and a 19 year member of the Prudential Committee. Several friends and family members of Bob’s shared their stories and experiences. Many thanks to the pouring out of fire department volunteers, friends, neighbors and family members who brought in food and helped with the preparation and set up and participated in the memorial.

Emergency responses: We have had another busy month in November with 44 total calls by the 29th. The breakdown goes like this:
  • 17 rescue /medical calls
  • 6 motor vehicle accidents
  • 3 alarm activations
  • 6 trees on wires
  • 5 mutual aid call
  • 1 to Walpole
  • 3 to Putney
  • 1 to Athens
  • 1 standby
  • 1 service call for cat stuck in tree
    1 for a domestic situation
  • 1 to check out a legal burn
  • 1 structure fire where we had help from Walpole, Saxtons River, Putney and Rockingham
  • 2 responses to a rekindle from the structure fire

FIRE EXTINGUISHERS FOR SALE: Anyone want to buy a fire extinguisher? We have them for sale and there are 4 sizes available. See the Chief or stop by the fire station for more information if interested.

The Westminster Fire & Rescue Association welcomes donations throughout the year from anyone wishing to remember a loved one or a friend.

Donations received in November:
  • Alice Caggiano
  • Elizabeth Denoird
  • Peter Lefcort and family
  • Donation in memory of Bob Haas:
  • Peter and Judy Harrison
  • Mary Mitchell
  • Barbara Greenough/ Ken Flagg
  • Jim and Colleen Grout
  • Patricia McGrady
  • Anne [Spring] Knower and Christopher Bergman
  • From Leonard and Nancy Farrar in memory of Gerri Palmer
We are always looking for new members: Anyone interested in volunteering their time to help the community in a time of need, please contact Chief Cole Streeter at 722-3178 or stop by the Firehouse any Sunday morning and pick up an application. We would like to have additional volunteers from the Westminster West area. There is a Fire House, an engine and a rescue vehicle located in Westminster West and more help is always welcome to utilize that equipment during calls. As always, we would like to thank the members of the community for its continued support of the fire department.

Check us out on our web-site www.westminsterfireandrescue.org

The Westminster Fire and Rescue Association, Inc. operates independently from Westminster Fire District #3